El Salvador

El Salvador

The town of Comasagua lies in the lush mountains of El Salvador where in 2001, a devastating 7.7 magnitude earthquake and resulting mudslides leveled much of the town, wiping out the local economy and leaving many of its residents without homes, food, jobs, or any means of support. 

A local architect named Ana Rosa Graf decided she could bring economic growth to her community by creating a market for handicrafts using the area's most abundant natural resource -- wildflowers. In 2003, Arte Comasaguastarted with a small group of women artisans determined to create beautiful floral designs and build a better future for their families. 

Today, sixteen women artisans have found financial independence by crafting stunning handmade greeting cards using a plethora of wildflowers, grasses, and almond leaves. Despite the challenges they face, the Arte Comasagua community is thankful to live in an area that blooms with wildflowers throughout the year, enabling them to gather the resources they need without making a negative impact on the planet.

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