Day in the Life Tote Bags


Our hand-loomed, embroidered totes from Chin Chili in Myanmar are a creative way to keep your baby's necessities close at hand, while showing your support for rural artisans around the world. The soft cotton bag fits comfortably around your shoulder, and the inside features a large drawstring compartment for extra little clothes. Two pockets inside can fit your phone or baby bottle, and another zipped compartment will keep your wallet safe.

Traditional Chin textiles use hand-spun cotton and silk, with indigo and other vegetable dyes, typically woven on back strap looms. The whimsical patterns and motifs reflect a day in the life of the Chin culture and their environment. The Chin people are comprised of over 40 sub-groups who have dispersed into Myanmar, India & Bangladesh for centuries. In Myanmar, the hill Chin live in Chin State, Western Myanmar, and the plains Chin lives in Rakhine State as well as the central dry-zone. 

Chin Chili’s mission is to provide income for Chin women weavers through the preservation and development of the Chin textiles tradition. Their unique Day in the Life Totes feature people holding hands, carrying babies and tending to their livestock. Totes are available in black, red or blue and measure 17" wide, 15" deep with 12" shoulder straps.