Daily Life Blankets


Enjoy these wonderfully illustrated blankets every day in your home, featuring the daily life of a rural village. Handwoven and embroidered by Chin women in Myanmar (Burma), these fine textiles are woven on backstrap looms and made of handspan cotton, with vegetable dyes. The embroidered patterns and motifs reflect the Chin culture and their environment. Yoyamay supports groups of weavers – about 200 weavers in total – scattered across Southern Chin State. Some of them weave at their individual homes whole others gather at one place and weave. As the almost all the weavers are women, they have to take care of household chores – and during harvesting season, go out to farms – weaving is supplementary income for them. Yoyamay is in the conservation, up-keeping and sustaining of the quickly vanishing know-hows of the usage of natural dyes and hand woven textiles. Blankets measure 40 x 72" and are finished with knotted fringe. Hand wash in cold water or dry clean to preserve the beauty of this textile artwork.



The Chin people are comprised of over 40 sub-groups and have dispersed into Myanmar, India & Bangladesh for centuries. In Myanmar, the hill Chin live in Chin State (Western Myanmar) and the plains Chin live in Rakhine State as well as the central dry-zone.

Chin Chili’s mission is to provide income for Chin women weavers through the preservation and development of the Chin textiles tradition. They  conduct research on Chin culture and identity in order to understand the challenges facing Chin people and textiles traditions today.