Hearts for Haiti


Help support artisans in Haiti with this beautiful set of multi-colored river stone hearts. Stone carving became a part of the Haitian craft scene in the 1950s, and the grey stone of Leogane provides an excellent starting point for many Haitian sculptors. Among the most popular motifs is the simple heart, the symbol of love and caring. Our river stone hearts are sold as a set of 3, apx. 2.5" hearts in white, brown and grey earth tones. Size, color and shapes will vary as each hand-carved heart is unique. Artisan Business Network works with artisans in Haiti to help promote the sale of these hearts, in partnership with the HAND/EYE Artisan Grants Fund for Haiti, helping artisans in Haiti rebuild their workshops, community and lives.

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Haitian Soapstone

Haitian Soapstone

HAND/EYE Fund works in Haiti to help artisans and artists recover from the life-challenging loss of shelter, equipment, workshops, and income. Artisans and artists in Haiti embody their country's rich cultural heritage, employ their neighbors, solve community problems with their entrepreneurial skills, and create opportunities for themselves and others. They are essential to Haiti's future, and HAND/EYE Fund is dedicated to serving them. Please visit www.handeye.org for more information.