Hand-loomed Scarves


Catch some air and attention with this beautiful, billowy striped shawl from Indigo Handlooms. This cotton silk shawl with multi-colored stripes and jacquard border, was handwoven by fair trade artisans in India. Indigo Handloom was formed to showcase the beautiful fabrics produced by centurie-old weaving practices and to help support the weavers themselves who often struggle to make a living wage to provide for their families.

Our lightweight shawl has a light creme background with various shades of blue and neutral stripes, trimmed in a complementary jacquard border, and measures, 79 x 35". Our stripes and arrows cotton scarf is a classic white scarf with blue stripes and navy jacquard herringbone edges, that you can wear all year round, 70 x 27.5". Hand wash in cold water to best preserve the colors and feel.



Smita Paul discovered the world of handloom while on assignment in India as a freelance journalist. Despite a surging Indian economy, weavers, farmers and other members of the rural poor are faced with worsening economic conditions. Government sponsored subsidies for handloom associations which helped supply raw materials, micro-loans, marketing and design assistance, have virtually disappeared, leaving many artisans without the guidance and financial support they need to pass their talents to the next generation.