Ixil Striped Square Pillow


These festive orange and black striped pillows draw inspiration from traditional handwoven techniques from northwestern Guatemala. In the Ixil triangle of the Guatemalan highlands, three Mayan villages craft stunning traditional blouses called "huipiles." These garments, with their bold blues and oranges, are the inspiration behind Mercado Global's signature pillows, made in collaboration with Artisan Connect.

Mercado Global provides donor-funded business education and leadership programs to help rural indigenous women become successful business owners. They then connect them with large-scale sales opportunities so they can turn these skills into income. With this income, artisans provide nutritious food to their families and invest in their children's education which helps breaks the cycle of poverty.

Made of 100% cotton, with back flat concealed zipper, the square pillow measures 18" x 18" and the oblong measures 12 x 20".

Guatemala Highlands

Guatemala Highlands

In the civil war-ravaged highlands of Guatemala, traditional artisan crafts offer glimpses of a future centered on beauty and possibility, without poverty. Mercado Global connects rural indigenous women with market opportunities, providing a stable source of income that feeds directly into their communities. Business education and leadership programs further empower these women to break the cycle of poverty, one handcrafted item at a time.