Jute String Bag with Leather Handle


Looking for an eco chic bag for your everyday shopping? Our handmade Jute String Bags from Bangladesh are sustainable, strong and practical.  As an added bonus, they look handsome hanging in an entrance or kitchen in between use. The jute plant is a high yielding, durable natural fiber, and requires less water than many other textile crops. These versatile bags are imported by Dharma Door, who work with fair trade artisans to help provide income and education to marginalized women and their families. Available in Natural Jute or Indigo Navy, these bags measure 15" x 15" when not filled or stretch; the leather handles with brass rings measure 9.5".


15 x 15 inches (not filled or stretched)

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The Dharma Door jute bags are handcrafted by artisans working with Fair Trade organization in various regions throughout Bangladesh. These organizations provide craft skills development training, entrepreneurial assistance, environmentally-friendly raw materials and sustainable opportunities for some of the most marginalised women in Bangladesh. They pay a fair price for the handcrafted products and sell them to local and foreign markets. In addition to the handicrafts activities, the organization operates a social empowerment program, aiming to enhance and improve the social and humanitarian aspects of the artisans and encourage self-reliance through further education.