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Each season we feature artisans from around the world whose products are in showcased in our current collection. Discover how these talented artisans make their sustainable, unique products by hand, along with the challenges they face, and the non-profit groups who help support their craftwork. 


Living Online

Last month I participated in Aid to Artisans E-Market Readiness Program with attendees from around the world, attended the online gift show Shoppe On, where I bought products for 12 Small Things and listened to a great panel discussion moderated by Patti Carpenter on Building Diversity, sat in on a conversation with Vanity Fair's editor Radhika Jones, interviewing Ta Nehisi Coates about their brilliant The Great Fire September issue, and watched Beyonce perform songs from her new album Black is King, all from my laptop computer and was elated.

October 08, 2020 by Laurie Kanes

Sheltering in place

Shelter in PlaceEverything looks different, on our walks, the clouds are more dramatic, the sky bluer, the bay calmer. Is everything clearer, as my daughter suggested, because there are less cars on the roads and more factories closed that contribute to air pollution? Apparently there are clear skies in China these days due to the Corona virus shut-down of factories the past few months. Or am I just noticing things more carefully, and appreciating the outdoors more intensely, because I realize my time outside is limited? 
April 03, 2020 by Laurie Kanes

Too Much Stuff

Too much stuffMy daughter graduated from college this summer and came back to live at home for  a while, to save up money for her own apartment in San Francisco with a girlfriend in the new year. She brought back two carloads of clothes, shoes and household items and spent a week sorting and purging piles of unwanted stuff before her new job started. "Mom, I'm never buying anything again", she said, before we headed out to Goodwill to unload her unwanted. But when we got to Goodwill, the parking lot was so full of others discarded items, we could barely find a place to put them.
December 08, 2019 by Laurie Kanes

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